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As a fast-growing Texas city, Pearland is always moving, ever-changing and constantly on the go. We know that with change comes choice, and Pearland has no shortage of choices — restaurants, stores, neighborhoods, activities — you name it. Along with these options, residents also have their pick of a number of Pearland electricity providers.

And while some decisions can be exciting, others could cause confusion if you’re not well informed about the subject. So let us help you understand what's available to you before you just pick your Pearland electricity provider out of a hat.

There are some factors you might want to consider when reading about the different electricity plans offered by various Pearland providers.

In Texas, all electricity plans fall into one of three categories: fixed, indexed and variable rate.

Each has its own set of benefits, so the decision is yours — but we think variable rate plans can be too unpredictable for Pearland electricity customers — or for anyone else in Texas, for that matter. You take a risk that your electricity bill could skyrocket without warning, so we don't offer them.

And if you’re looking for an energy company that does what's right by you and the environment, consider TXU Energy as your Pearland electricity provider:

  • We've built environmental considerations into our products and services.
  • We provide you with energy efficiency tips for your home and business to help you save money.
  • The TXU Energy Solar AcademySM helps local schools bring solar technology and energy lessons to the classroom.
  • Our renewable energy plans give you the option to purchase electricity that comes from a renewable resource that's based right here in Texas.

You can also eliminate the clutter in your life and the excess waste in the environment by signing up for paperless billing. Receive your statements online sooner than you would in the mail and pay your bills faster than ever. Everybody wins.

And even though Pearland is a city in a state of constant change, we’d like to be that Pearland electricity company to provide you with something that doesn't change — a reassurance that your rates will stay the same for the length of your contract, that we use renewable energy resources and that we are here for you, anytime you need us.

Maybe that's why we’re the #1 choice for electricity in Texas. Learn more about us and find out why nearly two million customers — from Pearland and all across Texas — choose us as their electricity provider.

And if you’re shopping for Pearland electricity providers because you're going to be moving there, chances are you might also be looking for a new phone/Internet/cable company. Here are a couple of the providers that may serve your home in Pearland, Texas:

    • AT&T
    • Sage Telecom

Of course, there are many others, and just as you're carefully weighing your Pearland electricity provider options, it's a good idea to make sure you find the telecom company with the right mix of pricing and services that works for you.

For information about other Pearland utilities, visit the Pearland city utilities business office online.

Ready to find an affordable Pearland electricity plan? See the plans and offers from TXU Energy today.