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While most businesses are ethical and will do a great job, there are moving scams that do unfortunately occur. TXU Energy wants to help you to be aware of a moving scam before it happens and know what to watch out for when hiring a moving company.

  1. Honest movers will not ask you to pay up front. By paying up front, there’s a possibility that your belongings may never get delivered. Upon delivery of your goods, check the written estimate versus the invoice. After you do pay, be sure to get a receipt. 

  2. A reputable moving company usually has not had a name change. To get around Better Business Bureau (BBB) regulations or even numerous complaints on review sites like angieslist.com, a moving company might operate under a different name – or even several different names. Make sure that the company you are using has an established address and proper licenses and insurance. Feel free to ask for references, and check the black list on movingscam.com to make sure they're not listed.

  3. Be sure to read the insurance information. When reading through a moving contract, you may be asked to select insurance coverage for your belongings. Full-value protection is the highest amount of insurance you can purchase. If something of yours is damaged or lost while in the company's hands, it's their responsibility to replace it. You may be able to purchase additional insurance as well, but you should always know what the limits of liability for each party are.

  4. Beware of quotes. Often, your quote will say "not to exceed" or "guaranteed," but be sure to read the fine print. If it says something along the lines of "guaranteed unless weight of load is more than the original estimate," you aren't guaranteed anything and may be setting yourself up for a very common moving scam. If you must sign a contract like this, be sure that the quote was given after a thorough walk-through of your home instead of just a phone estimate.

  5. Don't agree to anything without a detailed contract. From blank contracts to hidden fees, you can avoid a moving scam with a proper contract. Make sure you read through it thoroughly and that nothing is left blank. Also, if the moving company demands a certain amount of gratuity, point out that gratuity is not listed in the contract (if that’s the case) and you’re not required to pay it.

After the Move
Once you’ve made your arrangements for your move to Texas or within the Lone Star State, sign up with an electricity provider that you can trust. TXU Energy is the #1 choice in Texas for electricity and offers guaranteed price protection, cash back loyalty rewards programs and renewable energy options that let you help the environment without giving up comfort and convenience.

See our electricity plans and rates. To learn more, visit the TXU Energy Move Center for easy sign-up options.