Help your business save energy all summer

Cool down and save with these tips and tools.

Personalized Tools
Personalized Tools

• MyAccount helps you see how much energy your business uses anytime. You can also set up alerts to know when you're using more than usual, so you can adjust and save. Login to MyAccount.
• Our app makes it easy to keep tabs on your usage and how the weather can affect it, view your predicted bill, set helpful alerts, and more.

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Equipped to Save

• When possible, stagger the times you start high-energy equipment, like A/Cs and large appliances, to help lower your usage and keep delivery charges in check. Learn more at
• Turn machines off when they're not in use to save.
• Keep areas in front of vents clear of furniture and paper. As much as 25% more energy is required to distribute air if your vents are blocked.*


Bright Ideas

• Rising temperatures mean more A/C use. Try turning your thermostat up after hours for easy savings.
• Turning your blinds upward will help block out the afternoon heat and keep spaces cool.
• Using occupancy sensors to control lighting offices, conference rooms and individual floors while not in use can reduce lighting costs by up to 30%.*
• Replacing high-use incandescent light bulbs with LEDs (light-emitting diodes) can help you use up to 90% less electricity and can last up to 35-50 times longer.*




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