Spring into Savings.

As temps rise, here are a few ways you can help your business save energy.


• When it’s nice out, try opening your windows or running your fans instead of your A/C. Turn your blinds upward to block out the afternoon heat.
• Use occupancy sensors to control lighting offices, conference rooms and individual floors while not in use. These affordable devices can reduce lighting costs by up to 40%.
• Use an ENERGY STAR® labeled LED exit sign; it can last up to 25 years and save you almost $25 per year.
• Replace high-use incandescent light bulbs with LEDs (light-emitting diodes). LEDs use up to 75% less electricity than incandescents.
• Dirt can absorb as much as 50% of your lighting, so clean your fixtures regularly.
• Open the shades and enjoy natural light on mild, sunny days.


Electronics and Equipment

• When possible, stagger the times you start high-energy equipment, like A/Cs, heaters and large appliances, to help lower your usage and keep delivery charges in check. Learn more at txu.com/demand.
• Turn machines off when they're not in use.
• Choose energy-saving ENERGY STAR® products whenever possible when upgrading or purchasing new office equipment.


Manage Delivery Charges

• Set water heater temperature to 110-120° to prevent scalds and save energy.
• User water-saving restroom fixtures.
• Keep exterior doors closed as much as possible.


Sources: U.S. Energy Information Administration


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