Payment Assistance Options

Help when you need it. 

Sometimes you may need a little extra time to pay your bill when money is tight or your circumstances change.

Call us 24/7 at 800-242-9113 or chat with us to find out if one of our flexible payment options is right for you.

Here are a few ways we can help:

  • Payment extension

    Extend the time required to pay your current bill to keep the lights on.

  • Deferred payment plan
  • When you need longer-term assistance to pay your balance in monthly installments.

  • Waived or split deposit
  • Give us a call to find out if you’re eligible for no deposit or if you can split your deposit into two payments.

  • Waived late penalty fees
  • If you’re on SNAP or Medicaid, you’re eligible to have late penalty fees waived. Learn more here.

  • TXU Energy Aid
  • Visit or call 2-1-1, and either search or ask for electricity bill help in your community. We work with local partners and agencies to help Texas families who are in need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I stop my service from being disconnected?
    If you’re unable to pay the total amount due on your disconnect notice, a deferral may be an option. A deferral extends or pushes out your disconnection date to allow you more time to pay the amount listed on your disconnect notice. Remember, you'll need to pay the outstanding balance by the deferral due date to avoid a service interruption.

    Should you have a longer-term financial hardship, a payment installment plan may be an option. Please call us at 800-242-9113 to speak to an agent about setting up an installment plan to pay your balance in monthly installments or possibly securing payment assistance from a state or federal energy assistance program.
  • Can I pay my bill after my due date?
    A deferral (or payment extension) may be a good short-term option if you aren't able to pay your bill by the due date or the date on your disconnect notice. A deferral won’t change your monthly due date and can’t extend beyond the due date of your next invoice. It just extends your disconnect date and you’ll still be assessed applicable late fees and notice fees.

    Please call us at 800-242-9113 to speak to an agent about a deferral/extension. You may also be able to request a deferral in MyAccount.
  • Can I pay my installment balance off early?
    Yes, you can pay your installment plan balance off early, but please call us at 800-242-9113 to deactivate your installment plan prior to making the payment.
  • How do I request a payment extension in MyAccount?

    If you’re already past due and eligible for a deferral or payment extension, you can request one in MyAccount.

    Log in to MyAccount and look for a message below your Due Date that says: "Need more time to pay? Pay your bill later.” Click the link and follow the steps to extend your due date. Don’t see this message? Please contact us at 800-242-9113 for more options.