TXUE Summer Saver

Texas summers are long and hot, but with our help, you won’t need to sweat it.
Here are some ways you can keep your business cool and comfortable this season.


Avoid A/C Overtime

Rising temperatures mean your A/C is working harder. Whatever you set it to, turning your thermostat up after hours can help you save.


Keep Delivery Charges in Check

No matter your provider, your Transmission & Distribution Utility (TDU) charges businesses for the highest amount of electricity they use during any 15-minute period. Using a lot of power over short periods can make those charges go up, but staggering when you start high-energy equipment or A/C units may help lower your delivery charges.


Stay on Track

MyAccount can help you see how much energy your business uses. And with usage alerts, you can adjust before your bill arrives.

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Here For You?

We’re here to help make summer a bit more manageable. Call us at 866-898-4968 7 a.m.–7 p.m. M–F.