Texas winters can be dicey. We'll help you prepare.

Sweater or short sleeves? Flannel or flip flops? When it comes to Texas winters, it’s hard to know. No matter what this season brings, we’ve got your back.


Heater thermostat

A break for your heater – and wallet

Thermostats can be a touchy subject. Whatever your preferred temperature is, lowering it by just 4° can reduce your usage by as much as 15%.1

Greedy gadgets

Did you know your water heater uses more electricity than your fridge? Check out our Appliance Guide to find out how much energy home appliances use and how you could be saving with your personalized home profile.

Water heater

MyEnergy Dashboard

Season’s savings

With MyEnergy Dashboard in MyAccount, you can see how unpredictable weather affects your bill – and how you can make adjustments to save.

Keep it cozy

Closing your curtains keeps up to 10% more warm air inside and helps save on heating. For even more warmth, throw on an electric blanket for just 4¢ a night.2


A/C Filter

A breath of fresh air

Save up to 15% on annual energy costs by replacing your air filter regularly. If you have pets, consider changing your filters every month or two.2

Switch things up

Fans are useful in the winter too. Flip the switch to turn your fan clockwise to keep heat from rising, keeping you cozy all day.

Ceiling fan
mobile phone with crystal ball on screen

Your pocket fortuneteller

Download the TXU Energy app to keep tabs on your usage and how your bill’s shaping up, set budget alerts and more.

app-itunes-store google-play-android-app


Helping hands

This season may be unpredictable, but you can always count on us. Looking for extra payment flexibility or help managing your usage? Call us 24/7 at 800-818-6132.

Hands holding heart



1Based on TXU Energy customer data.
2Figures represent national averages according to energy.gov. See energy.gov for more information.