Friends enjoying summer

Save the surprises for summer adventures.

Texas summers mean you’re using more electricity to keep your home comfy. Keep up with how much you’re using anytime with alerts and tools in MyAccount.

Energy Management Alerts
Know what to expect without sweating your electricity bill.
  • Budget Alert: Set a monthly budget and we'll let you know if it looks like you could go over, so you can adjust.
  • Electricity Usage Report: Stay on top of your usage all summer with weekly email updates.
  • Usage Alert: Get a heads up if your daily usage takes a turn. More people at home plus hot weather can cause your A/C to run overtime.
MyEnergy DashboardSM
Staying on budget has never been easier than with these visual tools.
  • Usage Graph: See when you’re using the most electricity.
  • Bill Forecasts: Get a sneak peek of what your bill might look like.
  • Bill Comparisons: Hot summer months can cause spikes—see what’s impacting your bill.
  • Home Analysis: See how your usage compares to your neighbors'.

Sign up for Energy Management Alerts and check out MyEnergy Dashboard in MyAccount.

FYI: You need a smart meter to receive energy management alerts. Don’t have a MyAccount? Create one now.