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Moving isn’t cheap, but it doesn't have to break the bank. Just plan ahead to keep your costs down. Here are a few tips for managing your moving expenses.

  1. Create a budget.
    Before you do anything else, sit down and estimate the moving expenses you may encounter. If you don't plan to hire a moving company, then you will need to estimate the cost of rental trucks, supplies, gas, etc. Moving companies generally charge a comprehensive fee that includes supplies, transportation and labor.

  2. Stick to the budget.
    Once you have created a budget, try to stick to it. You can’t anticipate every expense, but keep an eye out for extra costs that can possibly be avoided. For instance, if a mover gives you an estimate that’s above your budget, negotiate with the mover to see what can be done to stay within your price range.

  3. Cut costs where possible.
    You can cut moving expenses by doing some of the legwork yourself. Below are some tips that will help you save money: 

    Pack your own belongings using free boxes that you acquire from friends or neighbors. 

    Visit your favorite grocery store; they usually have lots of free boxes or crates. 

    Buy tape rolls in bulk and use old newspapers to wrap fragile items. 

    Ask your friends or family for help packing and buy dinner afterward.

    Sometimes, moving certain items costs more than simply purchasing them in your new city. Also, the more you have to move, the more it will cost. Consider the following ways to reduce the amount of stuff you’re moving:

    De-clutter your home before making the move.

    Have a garage sale or use eBay or Craigslist.

    Sell unwanted clothes or furniture to consignment shops.

    Donate unwanted items to charity.

    Moving at certain times costs more. The peak season for moving companies is usually mid-summer, and can rise by 25-50% in some cases. if you want to avoid paying more, middle of month on weekdays help reduce your expenses.

  4. Save Receipts.
    Keeping track of your expenses will help you in several ways. One way is that some unused supplies may be returned. Another benefit of saving receipts is for your tax return. If you move due to business reasons or for a new job, some moving expenses may be included as deductions.

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