texas electricity plans

TXU Complete ConnectSM is easy and free!

Moving to Texas or within the Lone Star State? We want to help make your move easier. When you set up your electricity service with TXU Energy, we’ll also help you find the best cable, Internet and phone service providers too.

Get all these benefits:

Find all your home services with one call to 1-877-543-0388 or on the Complete Connect website.
Save time and money with one-stop shopping for cable, Internet, phone service and more.
Free consultation with an expert to help you find the right services at the right price.

We've specifically designed this service to help TXU Energy customers moving into a new home. With just one call or click of a mouse, you can sign up for an electricity plan with the #1 provider in Texas and set up all your other utilities and services, too.


One Stop Set-Up:
Find all your home services in one call or website.


Free Consultation:
An expert will help you find the right services for you.


Make Moving Easy:
One less thing to worry about during your move.

See how easy TXU Complete ConnectSM can be – check out online offers now or
call 1-877-543-0388.



TXU Energy is not affiliated with cable, satellite, Internet or phone service providers and is not responsible for any services purchased from these providers or for the connection of their services. TXU Energy does not warrant or endorse the services offered and has no responsibility for any claims related to such services.