Renewing Your Electricity Plan

Here's what you need to know when your electricity plan ends and how to renew on the best option for you.

How do I choose the best plan for me?

Our plan experts are ready to help 24/7 at 800-242-9113. From free electricity, to cash back to seasonal bill relief, we’ve got the right plan for your home’s usage and budget.

You can also view your usage and available plans in the TXU Energy app and MyAccount.

I'm moving. Can I take my service with me?

Yes! If you are moving to an area that we serve, you can take us with you when you move to your new home. Transfer your service online or give us a call, and we’ll set up everything for you.

What happens if I forget to pick a new plan before my current one expires?

No need to worry. If you don’t select a new plan before your current plan ends, you’ll continue to be our customer and automatically start a month-to-month plan. With this plan you’ll have the flexibility to change plans whenever you need or cancel at any time.

Why can't I keep the same plan that I have now?

Plans and prices can change from year to year and the plan that you’re currently on may not be available. Rest assured that we have options that are similar to what you have today that allow you to keep the same great benefits that you’re used to. Give us a call or check out the TXU Energy app to find a plan that best fits the way you use electricity.

When does my current plan expire?

The easiest way to find your contract expiration date is by logging into your MyAccount.

You can also find it on your monthly energy bills. Your current contract ends with the first meter reading on or after the date shown under your plan information.

How do I renew my plan?

We've made it simple to renew your plan online. You'll find plans selected just for you based on how you use electricity.

  • Log in to your MyAccount or use the TXU Energy app to pick the best plan for your home.
  • You can also call our plan specialists 24/7 at 800-242-9113 and they will look at your usage to help you select the best fit.
Why am I receiving multiple renewal notices?

The State of Texas requires all retail electricity providers to provide three contract expiration notices to customers on term plans.

What if I need help renewing my plan?

Call 800-242-9113. We're here 24/7 to help you renew your plan.



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