How We Protect Your Information

We collect information only when necessary to provide services. We do not sell your information to other companies. If at any time you want to review your personal information for accuracy or to edit that information, please contact us at 800-242-9113. For more information, please read our privacy policy.

What to expect from TXU Energy In-Person Agents

If you are unsure that someone claiming to be from TXU Energy actually is, ask for their full name and badge ID number. Do not invite them into your home. Call 855-979-1151 to confirm the agent’s identity.

TXU Energy in-person agents always:

Wear a lanyard or badge with the TXU Energy logo, photo, full name, Sales Agent ID and certification number and will be glad to show that identification upon entering your yard or approaching your home or business. The badge also has a phone number on it you can call to confirm the individual’s identity.

  • Wear official apparel with a TXU Energy branded shirt or branding somewhere on their clothing.
  • Leave a welcome letter and packet with terms of service and details of the agreement if you choose to enroll in service with us.
  • Completed enrollments will initiate a third-party phone call to verify details of the enrollment. The door-to-door representative does not ask for personal information.
  • The third-party caller will set up the account with you over the phone, so they do ask for identification information needed to complete enrollment.
  • TXU Energy representatives are trained to do bill analysis, so they may ask for a copy of your electricity bill, which you are welcome to share if you’d like.

TXU Energy in-person agents never:

  • Ask for or accept cash, credit cards, bank account numbers or any form of payment for any type of service.
  • Ask to come inside your home. They can complete all necessary tasks from outside your home or business.
  • Ask customers to provide a driver’s license, Social Security Number, or other form of identification.

What to expect from a TXU Energy phone agent:

If you're unsure whether a call claiming to be from TXU Energy actually is, please ask for the representative’s name, hang up and call TXU Energy at 800-242-9113. Do not share your account number, banking information or other personal information if you cannot verify the caller is with TXU Energy.

TXU Energy phone agents always:

  • Identify themselves and provide their ID# if requested.
  • Protect your personal information.
  • Verify your account access information prior to discussing your account, which protects your information from scammers.
  • Place an automated phone call prior to service disconnection; warning of impending shut-off deadline, should you have a past-due balance.
  • When enrolling in new account services or renewing a contract with TXU Energy, you will be asked for personal information including your full Social Security Number and/or Driver’s License. If you are ever unsure the person calling is who they say they are, hang up, call the main TXU Energy customer care line, and ask for that employee.

While TXU Energy or its representatives may contact customers or former customers by phone for various reasons, including the collection of delinquent balances, TXU Energy representatives never:

  • Ask you to confirm vital personal information beyond verifying the last four digits of your Social Security Number, driver’s license and/or date of birth and will only take credit card information when you wish to pay by phone.
  • Ask you to purchase a prepaid card and call back with the information in order to pay an outstanding or delinquent balance.
  • Call and demand that a payment be made immediately or risk power shut-off. If you were truly in danger of power disconnection, there would have been multiple communications alerting you to an impending shut-off date

From An Email

If you're unsure if an email from TXU Energy is legitimate, do not click any links in the email; instead, please call us at 800-242-9113 and verify the communication. If you are suspicious about an email claiming to be from TXU Energy, please also notify us at

You may receive these emails:

  • Your bills and other account information if you opted into electronic delivery.
  • Special offers and related to products or services you’ve had with us.
  • Marketing emails and plan renewal offers.

While TXU Energy may send messages to customers or former customers for various reasons, TXU Energy representatives never send an unsolicited email:

  • Asking for you to provide personal information in an email.
  • Requesting that you update your information through means other than through or one of our customer care representatives.
  • Asking you to verify your identity, account, or billing information via email.

If you're ever unsure that a call, email, or person is from TXU Energy, please ask for the representative’s name and call TXU Energy at 800-242-9113 to verify. If an email looks questionable, don’t open it or click any links. Don’t share your account number, banking information or other personal information if you cannot verify the caller or person is from TXU Energy.