Home in the fall

Small changes can help you save.

Lots of daily habits have moved online and inside, meaning your electricity usage can be as unpredictable as the weather. Fall heat waves and cold snaps can keep you guessing, so stick to these essential tips to help save more while the weather's mild.


Heating and cooling drives most of your energy usage, so your thermostat setting is important.

Lowering your heat by 4° can reduce your usage by as much as 15%.

Mild weather is the perfect time to open your windows to give your system a much-needed break after a hot summer.



Change your air filters regularly to keep your heater and A/C working efficiently.

Replacing your air filters will help your heating system run better and could lower your usage by up to 15%.

Check your filter for how often it should be replaced and set a reminder to swap it out.



Grill outside to keep your kitchen cool and cleanup minimal.

Your slow cooker and Instant Pot are also great alternatives to the stove or oven – cooking low and slow will help save energy.



MyEnergy Dashboard

Everyone's usage is different, and it's helpful to know your energy habits. MyEnergy Dashboard gives you a snapshot of your daily and monthly usage along with your area's average temperature, helping you see how your usage is changing based on the weather.



Home Profile

Set up your home profile in MyEnergy Dashboard to get a personalized look at where your energy's going and how it stacks up to your neighbors'.




Budget Alerts

If you want help staying ahead of monthly costs, we can text or email you before you go over the amount you set.