Moving to a new place can get overwhelming pretty fast. Here’s a checklist to help make sure you’ve got the basics covered. Happy moving!

6-8 weeks out

□   Set your budget.

□   Sort through what you’ll take and what you’ll sell, donate or throw away.

□   Get boxes and other packing supplies.

□   Start packing things you don’t need right away. 

□   Schedule movers or reserve a moving truck. If possible, you’ll want to avoid

     weekends and the last day of the month since those are peak moving times.

□   Schedule the day you want your current utilities turned off. You can start new or

     transfer existing service with us in just minutes.

2-4 weeks out

□   Change your address and notify your bank, monthly memberships and service


□   Pack the majority of your things. Pack plates vertically so they’re less likely to

     break. Try using towels and linens to wrap breakables—it saves money and space. 

□   Service your car if you’re driving further to your new home.

□   Walk-through your home and list repairs needed.

□   Confirm arrangements for moving day.

1 week out

□   Clean your fridge and consider donating what you can’t take.

□   Arrange for child or pet care for your moving day.

□   Pack an overnight bag for your first night in your new home.

□   Clean and do laundry.

Moving day

□   Pack bed linens and clothes.

□   Have water and snacks available.

□   Get moving! 


Post move

□   Update your driver license address.

□   Get your vehicle inspected.

□   Register to vote.

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