MyEnergy Dashboard

Find helpful tools and alerts in your TXU Energy MyAccount that make managing a budget each month a lot easier.

Energy Management Alerts

Know what to expect before your bill arrives.

  • Budget Alerts:  Set a monthly budget and we'll let you know if it looks like you could go over, so you have time to adjust.
  • Weekly Snapshot:  Stay on top of your usage all year long with weekly email updates.
MyEnergy Dashboard

Staying on budget has never been easier than with these visual tools. Check out a quick video to see how MyEnergy Dashboard can work for you. 

  • Usage Graph: See when you’re using the most electricity.
  • Bill Forecasts: Get a sneak peek of what your bill might look like.
  • Bill Comparisons: Changes in weather can cause spikes—see what’s impacting your bill.
  • Home Analysis: See how your usage compares to your neighbors'.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can the detailed usage consumption graph help me save on my electricity bill?
    The Usage Graph is a powerful tool that shows you the total amount of electricity you've used throughout the day. By looking at how much you use during different times of the day or week, you can learn more about your usage patterns and make decisions to shift some of your usage to free hours to save money. To view your Usage Graph, log in to your TXU Energy MyAccount.
  • What is the source for the usage data provided in MyEnergy Dashboard?
    Current kWh information in MyEnergy Dashboard is based on usage provided by the Smart Meter Texas Portal. Current usage information will be approximately 48 hours old. Projected usage combines your current month to date usage from the Smart Meter Texas Portal plus an estimated usage for the remaining days in your billing cycle based on your historical usage. Historical information provided in the MyEnergy Dashboard is from your past electricity bills. Only historical information is provided in your MyEnergy Dashboard and is from past electricity bills.
  • Why doesn't my forecasted bill match what I'm actually paying?
    The forecasted bill amount displayed on TXU Energy MyAccount and MyEnergy Dashboard are calculated using an average price per kWh and the usage from your last bill. If you've been on a plan for less than one month, the new rates aren't reflected in your dashboard.
  • I'm following all the conservation tips, so why is my bill still high?

    Weather is the number one cause of high bills. Significant swings in outside temperature may make your electric cooling and heating equipment operate for longer periods of time than usual. Only a few days of extreme temperatures can increase your usage and cause your bill to be noticeably higher.

    You may want to consider signing up for Average Monthly Billing (AMB). AMB is a free service, not an electricity plan, that spreads the cost of your monthly electricity bill across 12 months. Each month, you’ll pay around the same amount so that your bills are more predictable. During seasonal highs you won’t see a significant increase in your electricity bill because the cost is spread to months when your usage is lower. Sign up for AMB in MyAccount or contact us.