Ways to Save

Spring into Savings.

As temps rise this season, here are a few ways you can save energy.

  • Weekly Snapshot emails update you about your usage and bill so you always know what to expect and can save. Turn on emails.
  • Budget alerts help you stay on track and let you know when you use more energy than planned. Turn on alerts.
  • Our app makes it easy to keep track of your usage and how the weather can affect it, view your predicted bill, set helpful alerts, and more.

  • Cleaning or replacing air filters can save you up to 15% on annual energy costs, especially if you have pets.*
  • Water heating accounts for 18% of the energy consumed in your home.* Try lowering it to 120° or turning it off when you go on vacation to save.
  • Grilling outside or using a slow cooker or an Instant Pot are great alternatives to the stove or oven and keep the kitchen cool on warmer days.

  • Try a programmable or smart thermostat to save every season. Set it to automatically adjust when you’re asleep or away so that it runs less often.
  • Summer temps are right around the corner. Consider getting your A/C tuned up to ensure it’s running at its best, and check your windows and doors for any leaks to make sure you’re keeping cool air in.

  • A little can go a long way when it comes to saving electricity - especially when you know where your usage is going. Check out our Home Appliance Guide to learn more.



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