TXU Energy Reminder: Long, Harsh Winter Means Higher Electricity Usage

Business and residential consumers are likely to see higher bills, regardless of provider


Texans have already weathered a record-setting and bitter winter, and there’s still more than a month until the official start of spring. During this period of low temperatures, TXU Energy is reminding customers to be aware of the dramatic impact the cold weather is having on how much energy they are using and the resulting bills. 

“Electricity consumers across the state are feeling the pinch as heating units work harder to warm our homes and businesses,” said Jeff Camp, vice president of contact center operations at TXU Energy. 

From November through the first week of February, Dallas-Fort Worth Airport recorded 43 days with freezing temperatures, while the average winter sees 33 freezing days. Other areas of the state have recorded similar temperatures.

“The impact of this harsh winter is particularly evident for Texans who rely on two-stage heat pumps and electric heating, but even gas-fueled heating systems use more electricity for blowers and other elements,” Camp said. “We and other electricity providers are hearing customers say they haven’t done anything different this winter but they are seeing higher bills, mainly because of this extreme weather.”

While many customers have taken steps to conserve, the extreme outdoor temperatures force heating equipment to work much harder to reach and maintain comfortable indoor temperatures.

How significantly each customer might be affected is influenced by a number of factors, including:

  • The type, age and efficiency of their homes and heating systems.
  • How aggressive they are in preventing wasteful consumption.
  • The type of energy contract they have.

“While we can’t control the weather or the impact it has on how much energy our customers use, we do have ways to help our customers manage their consumption and deal with higher bills,” Camp said.

These include:

  • Average Monthly Billing: helps smooth out seasonal highs and lows in customers’ monthly electricity bills so they have more predictable monthly payments.

  • Energy Management Alerts: provides alerts by email or text when electricity usage for customers who have smart meters reaches self-selected thresholds.

  • TXU Energy MyEnergy DashboardSM: provides easy-to-use graphs and tools to show customers how and when they use energy so they can make changes that can help lower costs.

  • TXU Energy AidSM: provides bill-payment assistance to customers in financial crisis.

  • Fixed Rate electricity plans: give customers upfront pricing and peace of mind that their per-kilowatt-hour energy rate won’t change unless there is a change in law or state regulation.

  • Brighten® Personal Energy Advisor: TXU Energy’s free service that uses a simple and free questionnaire to give any consumer a personalized checklist of tools, tips, projects and online videos to increase energy efficiency.

“All of these resources and customers’ conservation efforts can certainly help, but we know this has been an overwhelming winter,” Camp said. “We urge customers to call us when they receive a bill they won’t be able to pay on time, and we encourage customers to seek additional help from the 2-1-1 network of social service agencies."

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