Texas Consumers Reap Rewards of TXU Energy Monthly Saver

New plan’s discounts help Texans maintain New Year’s resolutions to save


Thousands of Texans who have signed up for TXU Energy Monthly Saver and TXU Energy Business Monthly Saver are off to a great start on their New Year’s resolutions to save money in 2014.

Since the launch of the TXU Energy Monthly Saver plans earlier this month, thousands of Texans have called in and signed up for as much as $50 in free electricity per month.

The savings are based on monthly usage, and discounts start at just 500 kilowatt-hours for small- and medium-sized businesses and for Texans who live in apartments or other multifamily housing. That means the savings are easy to reach, and Texans don’t have to do anything different to get them.

“We’re very excited to give residential and business customers the opportunity to save every month, while also offering them simple fixed rates and the peace of mind that their energy rates will not increase for as long as they are on the plan,” said Michael Grasso, chief marketing officer for TXU Energy. “The response has been great, which tells us that Texans appreciate the value that TXU Energy delivers.”

Monthly Saver customers in single-family homes get a $25 bill credit if they use at least 800 kWh in any month that they are on the plan. They get another $25 – for a total of $50 – in any month that they use 1,200 kWh or more. The average Texas home uses about 1,200 kWh of electricity each month.

Texans in apartments and other multifamily housing tend to use less electricity per month. They can get a $12.50 credit in any month that they use at least 500 kWh of electricity. They can get another $12.50 credit if their monthly usage is 700 kWh or more.

Small- and medium-sized business customers get $25 when their monthly usage reaches 500 kWh, and they get another $25 if their monthly usage reaches 800 kWh.

“Combined with our innovative tools and easy tips for managing consumption, Texans can meet their New Year’s resolutions to save money,” Grasso said.

About TXU Energy
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