Welcome to the Winter Savings Squad.

You’re in the best club to save this winter. With these exclusive tips and tools, you can enjoy the perks of staying cozy and using less energy no matter what the Texas weather brings.

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Wherever you set it, lowering your thermostat by 4° can decrease your usage by up to 20% – or try 2° for a 10% difference.1

Closing your curtains at night keeps up to 10% more warm air inside.2 And be sure to check windows and doors for possible leaks.

When it’s 32°, electric heat homes use as much energy as when it's almost 100°.1 Make sure you’re heating efficiently by changing air filters often, especially if you have pets.

Running your ceiling fans clockwise pushes warm air down into the room. And you can layer up with an electric blanket for a few cents an hour.

Did you know your water heater may be one of your highest energy users? Check our appliance guide to learn more.

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1 Based on TXU Energy 2022 electric heat customer data. 

2 Figures represent national averages from energy.gov.