TXU Energy Clean Energy Credit Program

Pay for what you use, and get paid for what you don't.

With TXU Energy Renewable BuybackSM, you earn bill credits when your solar panels or wind turbines produce more electricity than your home uses. It’s our way of rewarding your commitment to renewable energy and helping you save even more.

When you need more electricity than your system produces, you’ll pay a simple, flat rate for electricity purchased from 100% Texas wind or solar power. When you need less, you'll earn bill credits.

Start earning with TXU Energy Renewable Buyback. Sign up online or call 1-844-436-6428.

Read our FAQs or call us at 1-844-436-6428 from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday – Friday. Interested in your business getting paid for surplus energy? Email business@txu.com or visit txu.com/bizsolar.

Getting Started is Easy
Sign up on TXU Energy Renewable Buyback to start earning Clean Energy Credits.

You’ll also need to sign an Interconnection Agreement with your TDU. Not sure who your TDU is or need contact info? Find it here. They’ll help complete the process, and you’ll be eligible to receive credits on your next billing cycle after your TDU says you’re good to go.1

Interconnection Agreement Information for Each TDU



AEP North and AEP Central



To be eligible to receive Clean Energy Credits, your outflow of surplus electricity cannot be greater than your consumption of electricity in a calendar year.  If you do produce more electricity than you consume on an annual basis, you may no longer qualify to receive further Clean Energy Credits.