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Part of coordinating your move involves planning the transport of your household belongings. But what about your car? If you are moving to Texas with your car, here are common ways of moving cars across the country:

Auto Shippers
Although a little pricey, consider looking into auto shippers. These companies are in business specifically to move cars across country. They will pick up your vehicle and drop it off at your new home. Make sure that the company you choose has the proper insurance for the job and that it’s up-to-date.

Car Clubs
Another option is to call an auto club and request their towing rates. Auto clubs like AAA have relationships with tow truck companies, and they can refer you to local towing operators who may tow your vehicle long distance for a reasonable fee.

Moving Companies
Another thing you can do is call moving companies in your area and find what they charge to move a car. National moving companies are more likely to offer this service than local movers. If you find a moving company you'd like to hire, check with movingscam.com to make sure their credibility is good. Also, see if their insurance covers this service and is up-to-date.

Friends and Family
It may test the limits of the relationship, but sometimes moving cars across the country can be done with help from friends or family. Have them follow your moving truck to your new destination and cover their travel costs to get back home.

However you choose to move your car across the country, make sure it’s in good hands. Finding a dependable company is a great start. The same thing goes for your electricity provider. Here at TXU Energy, we take care of our customers. We offer guaranteed price protection, cash back loyalty rewards program and excellent 24/7 customer service. Check out more information on our straightforward pricing plans and find one that fits your needs.