As the largest retail electricity provider in Texas we get many questions about the industry. We see your questions online and hear them in our call centers, and we want to give you clear and accurate answers. With our TXU Energy, At Your Service video series, we’ll tackle questions about our business and industry, give you tips on conserving energy and saving money and introduce you to the people who work at TXU Energy. Here you’ll also find examples of how to calculate and read your bill, understand your Electricity Facts Label and make your home more energy efficient.

Did you know that fraud is one of the fastest growing crimes in the electricity marketplace? TXU Energy has expanded its fraud resources to help you understand, avoid and fight fraud. Visit to learn more.

What's A TDU?

What is a Transmission Distribution Utility (TDU)? Why do I have TDU charges on my bill? Cathleen talks to Marcel in Customer Operations to help answer these questions.

Understanding My Bill

Have you seen the new look of your TXU Energy electricity bill? We’ve broken your bill out into two sections so that you can easily see where your electricity dollars go.

All About Payment Arrangements

If your electricity bill is a little higher than you expected this month, you may be able to set up a payment arrangement. There are a lot of options available to you. A Customer Care Representative can help you find the arrangement that’s best for you. The most important thing is that you call us when you receive your bill rather than when it’s due.

At Your Service!

TXU Energy is At Your Service! with our new video series. We’ll tackle the tough questions about our business and industry, give you tips on conserving energy and saving money and introduce you to the people who work at TXU Energy.

Meter Problems?

Our electricity usage can fluctuate a lot in extreme weather and that’s reflected in our monthly bill. When there’s ice on the road in winter or when it’s over 100 degrees in the summer, our heating and air conditioning systems work overtime. If you want to manage your usage and save some money on your electricity bill, we have some tips for you.

What is Average Monthly Billing?

Texas weather can really take a toll on energy consumption across the state. In extreme weather the AC or heating we use can mean a big difference in our electricity bills each month. When we don't know what to expect on our bills, it's impossible to budget for it. TXU Energy has several solutions for this including Average Monthly Billing. AMB is a budgeting tool that makes your monthly payments more predictable. Watch this video to learn more and to calculate an estimate of your own bill on AMB go to

What to do During a Power Outage?

Power outages are almost always inconvenient, and can certainly be frustrating. Without electricity, a lot of daily tasks can become complicated or even impossible. That's why TXU Energy is At Your Service, with an expert to help you prepare for an outage situation and answer any other questions you may have.

Understanding Your Electricity Facts Label

Your Electricity Facts Label explains the details of your TXU Energy plan, including the terms of the plan and the price. If you have questions about how your price is calculated or any other elements on your bill, this video may help you understand.

Calculating Average Price per Kilowatt Hour

A lot goes into to calculating your bill – your energy charge, your consumption, local TDU fees and other fees and taxes. The Public Utility Commission requires that we show you the average price per kilowatt hour on your bill. Watch this video to see how we get this calculation.

What is TXU Energy Cash Back?

Thousands of electricity customers across Texas will be receiving a percentage of their 2012 TXU Energy electricity purchases back through Visa prepaid cards. And, this is the first year these rewards are going to both residential and business customers.

At Your Service, Electricity Deposits

Have a question about how deposits work for electricity plans – and how to avoid paying them? We’re here to help! Check out our latest At Your Service video that answers all your electricity deposit-related questions.

Conserving Electricity

When temperatures rise so does our demand for electricity. And, that can be reflected in high bills if we don’t make informed electricity choices. Watch our latest At Your Service video on how you can conserve energy, lower your monthly electricity bill and still keep cool all summer long.