If you select this feature as part of the [Checkfree Service (this “Service”)], a notification will be sent to you from TXU Energy Retail Company LLC (“TXU Energy”) that your monthly electric service bill is available. This notification will be sent to your email address, along with a link to view the bill online, and you will no longer receive paper bills via regular mail. In the event you elect paperless billing through this Service, it is still your responsibility to log on to your TXU Energy online account periodically and check for delivery of new electronic bills in the event you do not receive an email notification (for example, if you change your email address or provided us an erroneous email address). TXU Energy reserves the right to modify or discontinue paperless billing at any time; you may cancel paperless billing at any time as well through this Service by un-enrolling in this Service and you will resume receiving bills from TXU Energy via regular mail as soon as TXU Energy can process your request. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, you are responsible for ensuring timely payment of all your TXU Energy bills and your consent to receive bills electronically from TXU Energy is subject to the terms of this Service.