Get paid for making clean energy.

When you invest in solar panels or wind turbines for your home, you should be rewarded. That’s why there’s TXU Energy Renewable BuybackSM. Earn bill credits when you produce more clean energy than your home uses. And when you don’t produce enough, you’ll pay a simple, flat rate for 100% Texas wind or solar power from the grid.

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Interconnection Agreement Submission
Don’t forget to submit an Interconnection Agreement to your Transmission & Distribution Utility (TDU). Once your TDU approves and you’re enrolled on TXU Energy Renewable Buyback, you’ll be eligible to receive credits on your next billing cycle1.

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Here are some FAQs to help you understand more about Clean Energy Credits.

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To be eligible to receive Clean Energy Credits, your outflow of surplus electricity cannot be greater than your consumption of electricity in a calendar year.  If you do produce more electricity than you consume on an annual basis, you may no longer qualify to receive further Clean Energy Credits.