Reward yourself for investing in renewable energy with automatic bill credits

Get the most out of your renewable energy system by getting paid for your excess energy.1 With TXU Energy Home Solar Buyback, you earn automatic bill credits that can offset up to 100% of your energy charges each month. We’ll buy back your excess energy and help you save more every month with a Clean Energy Credit.2 And if you need more electricity, you’ll pay a simple, flat rate for wind or solar power from the grid.

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Questions about home solar buyback?
We’re here to help you get started with your renewable energy system. Check out the full list of FAQs to learn more.

  • What is a Clean Energy Credit?
    It’s a credit applied to your bill for the excess renewable energy your home produces that flows back out to the grid. It can offset up to 100% of your monthly energy charges.

  • Who is eligible to enroll on this plan?
    Anyone can enroll, but Clean Energy Credits are only paid to customers with renewable generation systems like solar panels or wind turbines for the excess energy they produce. 

  • How much will TXU Energy pay for the excess energy I generate and send back out to the grid?
    Check the TXU Energy Home Solar Buyback Electricity Facts Label (EFL) for specific Clean Energy Credit pricing and terms and conditions. 

  • When will I see Clean Energy Credits on my bill?
    It may take up to three full billing cycles after your TDU gives permission to operate your system to start receiving Clean Energy Credits. You can visit to find your TDU’s contact information. Here are links to their Interconnection Agreements:

Oncor ׀ CenterPoint ׀ AEP North and AEP Central ׀ TNMP

  • Will I earn a Clean Energy Credit for 100% of the energy I produce?
    The energy you produce first flows into your home reducing your need for electricity from the grid and lowering your TXU Energy electricity bill. Energy that your home doesn’t use (or store with battery installation) will flow back out to the grid as excess energy. You earn a Clean Energy Credit on the excess energy – saving you even more on your electricity bill!


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1 You will receive a Clean Energy Credit on your bill for excess energy delivered to the grid by your qualifying distributed renewable generating facility over a monthly billing cycle. Excess energy is created when your system generates more electricity than your home uses during 15-minute intervals. You will be eligible to receive Clean Energy Credits once you execute an Interconnection Agreement with your local TDU and they update your meter to track your excess energy outflow. It may take up to three full billing cycles after your TDU gives permission to operate your system to start receiving Clean Energy Credits. All inflow and outflow kWh quantities we use for billing are measured by your TDU over the applicable monthly billing cycle.

2 Your Clean Energy Credit will be calculated to offset up to 100% of your Energy Charges each month, excluding base charge, TDU charges, and all other taxes and fees. The monthly Clean Energy Credit applied to your bill will be the lesser of (a) your Energy Charge, calculated as your usage kilowatt-hour inflow multiplied by the dollar per kilowatt-hour Energy Charge or (b) your Clean Energy Credit, calculated as your excess energy kilowatt-hour outflow multiplied by the dollar per kilowatt-hour Clean Energy Credit rate. For example, if your Energy Charge is $80 for a particular billing cycle, then the maximum Clean Energy Credit you’re eligible to receive on that bill is $80. Any excess energy outflow that is ineligible for earning a Clean Energy Credit will not carry over to the next billing cycle.