Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is renewable energy?

    Renewable energy comes from resources that don’t run out, like wind and solar power. The energy that comes from these resources has a lower environmental impact than conventional power sources, particularly to the air we breathe.

  • Does the renewable energy get “delivered” to my home?

    Not exactly. All generators of electricity – including renewable energy generators – connect their power to an electricity transmission grid. Therefore, your electricity is delivered from a "pool" of generated power from all over the state. While we can’t guarantee that the electricity that flows into your home is directly from a renewable source, renewable energy credits (RECs) do guarantee that the applicable renewable energy purchased for your plan is generated from renewable resources. So, you can rest assured that with our renewable energy options, you're contributing to a cleaner, greener Texas.

  • What’s a renewable energy credit (REC)?

    A renewable energy credit (REC) represents electricity generated from renewable energy resources – whether wind, water, biomass or solar energy. For each kWh you use, we will in turn purchase a portion of electricity generated from a renewable resource (up to 100%, depending on your renewable option). This electricity will flow onto the ERCOT electricity grid, reducing the need for electricity generated from a nonrenewable source. Purchasing RECs for the electricity you use helps support investment and construction of renewable energy projects in Texas.