Choosing an electricity plan for the first time can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re new to Texas. Here are a few things to consider for finding the right plan for your new home.

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What kind of plan is best for me?

Until you know how much electricity you’ll use, it’s best to keep it simple with a fixed rate. Lots of new customers sign up on our plans that come with cash back loyalty rewards. That means you’ll get a little spending money back every year for the electricity you use. 

Take a look at the plans available to you right now, whether you’re moving to a home or an apartment.

What’s your most popular plan?

Our Free Nights plans are our highest rated. You get free electricity every night so you can sleep cool and comfortable all year long. If no one’s usually at home during the day, this plan could be a great fit.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. We have month-to-month plans with no contracts or cancellation fees. 

How can I be sure I picked the right plan?

Don’t sweat it. Just try us for 60 days. If you’re not 100% satisfied, you can change plans or switch for free. That’s our Total Satisfaction Guarantee.* And we’re the only electricity provider in Texas offering it.

How much electricity can I expect to use?

Most Texans’ electricity use is driven by long, hot summers. During July and August, our electricity use can be nearly three times as high as it is during more mild months. This is one of the main reasons we tend to use more electricity than most other states. By contrast, our friends in California use about half the Texas average.

Do you have renewable energy plans?

Yes! You can add wind and solar energy to any plan for a low monthly rate with TXU Energy Pure Solar, or you can choose plans that provide power from solar farms or plans with rooftop solar power

What are TDU delivery charges?

TDU stands for Transmission and Distribution Utility. Your TDU is the company that maintains the poles and wires and reads your meter. You’ll pay TDU delivery charges no matter which electricity provider you’re with, and we pass these charges on to you with no markup. 

I’ve got so many choices. Why TXU Energy?

• We’re the #1 choice for Texans. More people rely on us to power their homes than any other electricity provider in Texas. 
• Straightforward plans. Get pricing you can trust and savings you can count on year-round.  
• Friendly, 24/7 service. We have a 5-star rating for best-in-class service from the Public Utility Commission of Texas. 
• Tools to help keep your life simple. Use our mobile app to check your usage, manage your account and more. You can also get tips and alerts to help you use less electricity and save. 

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* Just call us and cancel within 60 days of your sign-up date and, even if you signed a contract, we'll waive any early cancellation fees. New TXU Energy residential customers only. Cancellation fees applies if you cancel after 60 days. You remain responsible for any billed and unbilled charges.