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Texas is one of the most beautiful and diverse states in the union. The food, the people, the activities, the quality of life — Texas has it all.

If you’ve just moved here, settle in with our Welcome to Texas tips.

If you’re about to move to Texas, learn about shopping for electricity plans with a few helpful hints

While you’re at it, here are 10 things to know about your new home state:

#1 We’re a Friendly Bunch
After all, the name ‘Texas’ does come from the Hasinai Indian word táysha', which means "friends." Texans are naturally gracious and welcoming, so get acquainted with your neighbors and involved in the local scene early on. Long-time residents provide the best tips for the area that no guide can offer. Find an organization, church or gym to join and meet people.

#2 Six Flags is More Than a Theme Park — It’s Part of Texas Heritage
Through the years, six different flags have flown over Texas, including those from Spain, France and Mexico plus its own Republic of Texas banner, the Confederate flag and the current U.S. flag. All these cultural, ethnic and social influences have given Texas its unique flavor. Texas remains a diverse state to this day, offering you a variety of neighborhoods and lifestyles to choose from.

#3 The Lone Star State Has Some of the Best Food in the Country
Of course, if you're moving to Texas, no "things to know" list would be complete without the food. And whether you like BBQ, Tex-Mex, farm fresh vegetables or a nice thick steak, you’ll find a wide range of mouth-watering delights in Texas. Being cattle country, we do like our beef. But don’t forget Texas has a coastline too, so we serve up some of the best seafood, as well. Savor the culture!

#4 We’ve Got the Nation’s Largest Rose Garden
The yellow rose of Texas? It’s at The Tyler Municipal Rose Garden — along with some 38,000 rose bushes representing 500 varieties of roses, set in a 14-acre park. The garden is open year-round, but is especially beautiful during the annual Texas Rose Festival held every October.

#5 Texas is High-Tech
Texas is home to many high-tech companies, and Central Texas is often referred to as the Silicon Valley of the south.

#6 Austin Is the Live Music Capital of the World
From jazz and blues to country and western — and even classical and opera — there's so much to hear. It's easy to think there just might be more shows in Austin than anywhere else on Earth.

#7 Texas Has One of the Largest Native American Populations in the United States
There are many opportunities to learn about Native American culture and history after moving to Texas. Some things to know:

  • There have been a total of 12 different Native American tribes in Texas
  • After Europeans arrived in the New World, five different tribes were driven into Texas
  • Today, there are three federally-recognized tribes in Texas: the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe, the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe and the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo Tribe of Texas
A number of museums pay tribute to Native American cultures and arts throughout the year all over Texas.

#8 We’re Big Sports Fans
Everybody knows Texas loves football, but Texas also has more than its fair share of professional sports teams in a variety of sports, including the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars, Houston Astros, Houston Comets, Houston Rockets, Houston Texans, San Antonio Spurs, and Texas Rangers.

#9 Texas Has the Biggest State Fair in the United States 
The State Fair of Texas is held annually in Dallas for 24 days, beginning with the last Friday in September, and it’s a must-see. There are also smaller fairs that come to towns all over the state. The Heart o' Texas Fair and Rodeo in Waco brings top musicians to the mid-size city, and flocks of crowds come out to hear the music, ride the rides and watch the rodeo.

#10 TXU Energy is the #1 Electricity Provider in Texas
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