How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car?

How will you get your vehicles to your new home when you move across Texas or across the country? If there’s not enough people to do the driving, then a car shipping company may be your best solution. TXU Energy wants you to hit the ground running when you arrive at your new home, so here is some information that can help you plan to have your vehicles arrive safely and soundly.

The cost to ship your car may vary depending on:

  • Distance
  • Vehicle
  • Timing
  • Method

Just to give you a very general idea, shipping a family car from Florida to Texas could cost around $700. Shipping a car from New York to Texas could cost around $1000.

Distance: It’s not just how many miles your vehicle is transported – it’s how far off the beaten path you may be. Picking up or dropping off a vehicle at a terminal can be less expensive than door-to-door service, even if the difference is just a few miles.

Vehicle Size: Your truck or SUV may cost more than your compact car. Check out size limitations, too, to be sure you select a company that can handle your vehicle.

Pickup and Delivery Time: Do you have any flexibility? With some car shipping companies, providing up to a 14-day window for pick-up could save you money versus a specified pick-up and delivery date.

Shipping Methods:

  • By Semi – This is one of your faster options, often delivering your car within the week. The advantage is your car can usually be picked up and delivered door-to-door, or at least very close by. You can also ship your car in an enclosed trailer for optimum protection. Or, save money by choosing an open trailer – the kind you see on the highway delivering new cars to dealerships.  

  • By Train – Vehicles shipped by train can be dropped off and picked up at train terminals. You will need to plan carefully so you will have your car when you need it, as car shipping via train can easily take two to three weeks to complete. One bonus of shipping by train:  since trains are more energy-efficient than trucks, this is the greener option.

We’ve given you some general information in this article, but you can quickly begin to sharpen up your numbers with instant online quotes from national car shippers.

Start there, then follow up directly with the car shipping companies for personalized quotations.

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