Watch a short video about what TDU delivery charges are and how they can affect your electricity bill.

You’ll notice a line on your bill called “TDU Delivery Charges.” These charges are from your Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU), which is the company that maintains and services power lines in your area and restores service after a power outage. You’ll find the name of your TDU in the Contact Information section of your TXU Energy bill. 

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TDUs charge all electricity providers for delivery.

Regardless of your TDU, they all charge providers like TXU Energy for delivery, but some providers may show these charges differently on bills. On average, you can expect your TDU Delivery Charges for your home to be about one third of your monthly bill. TXU Energy separates these charges (except on plans that bundle them with your Energy Charge) so it’s easier to see what you’re paying for. What you see on your bill is exactly what the TDU charges us – TXU Energy doesn’t mark up these charges


Here’s a complete breakdown of each TDU’s charges.


Using less electricity lowers your TDU Delivery Charges.

The less electricity you use each month, the lower your TDU charges will be. You can check your current and estimated usage anytime in MyEnergy Dashboard or with our app. To lower your monthly usage, try these tips to save.


TDU Delivery Charges change each month.

Your TDU Delivery Charges vary each month depending on your monthly kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage. Each TDU has a different charge per month and a different charge per kWh. To estimate your TDU charges, find your TDU in the table below and multiply the kWh you used this month by the Charges Per kWh, then add the Charges Per Month.

Residential TDU Charges