Earn Solar Buyback Credits

Get the maximum value from your rooftop panels with a solar buyback plan. You can offset your energy charges each month by getting paid automatically for the excess energy you send to the grid.¹ Plus, you can offset future bills with rollover credits.²

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Get help choosing the right plan for your panels

Your solar panels are as unique as your home, which is why we created different plans to meet different system needs. Solar Buyback Match pays higher buyback credits and is designed for homes that send more excess energy to the grid, or “net exporters.” Solar Buyback Saver has a lower energy rate and is designed for homes that use more energy from the grid, or “net consumers.” Here’s a quick comparison to help you find the right fit for your system.

Options for systems of all sizes

Best for Large Systems

Solar Buyback Match

Get paid for your excess energy at the same rate you pay us

  • 1-to-1 buyback rate
  • Rollover credits that don’t expire
  • Best value for net exporters

Best for Small Systems

Solar Buyback Saver

Lock in a lower rate and get paid for your excess energy

  • Lower energy rate
  • Rollover credits that don’t expire
  • Best value for net consumers

Roll over your unused credits

When your panels produce more excess energy than you use, like when the summer sun shines all month long, those extra credits will be rolled over to automatically pay down future bills. We’ll apply the rollover credits from your Buyback Bank to help offset your energy charges when you produce less.

See your savings adding up

Each month, you’ll get a personalized summary of your Buyback Bank on your bill so you can see how many credits you earned with your plan, plus how much was covered by rollover credits. Sit back and watch the savings grow!

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Going solar is easier than you think. Take advantage of potential savings and produce your own energy at home.

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Now your home and your electric vehicle can be powered with solar energy. Check out our EV electricity plans and resources on Texas EV incentives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do buyback plans allow me to roll over my unused credits?
    If your plan has a Buyback Bank, any credits you don’t use will be banked, up to a certain amount, to automatically pay for future energy charges. Credits roll over in dollar values and not kWh values. If you’d like to switch to a plan that has a Buyback Bank, we’ll help you do it for free.
  • Do my banked credits expire?
    Your banked credits are yours to keep if you remain on an eligible TXU Energy solar buyback plan. Banked credits have no cash, credit or other redemption value and are non-transferable.
  • Will I earn a buyback credit for 100% of the energy I produce? 
    No, the energy you produce first flows into your home reducing your need for electricity from the grid and lowering your electricity bill. If you don’t have battery storage installed, any energy you produced that your home doesn’t use in real time will flow back out to the grid as excess energy. You earn a buyback credit on your monthly bill for the excess energy you sent back out to the grid. See the Electricity Facts Label for specific TXU Energy solar buyback plan details.
  • How do you determine how much excess energy my system’s generated?

    When your excess energy is sent back out to the grid, it’s tracked by your bi-directional electricity meter. Your TDU sends us your monthly readings from your bi-directional electricity meter and that’s what we use to bill you.

  • Will I have an electricity bill after I install solar?
    You’ll still receive your usual electricity bill from us, and one from your installer. Your installer will bill you separately for your panels, and we’ll bill you for the electricity your home uses when your solar panels don’t receive enough sunlight to produce the energy you need, like on cloudy days and at night. Your bill will also include your plan’s base charge, TDU charges and all other taxes and fees.

    If you’re enrolled on an eligible plan, your billed energy charges may be reduced by buyback credits for the excess energy your home sends back to the grid.

To learn more about our solar buyback plans, check out our FAQs.

1 Buyback Credits can offset up to 100% of your Energy Charges each month (excluding base charge, TDU charges, and all other taxes and fees). Buyback Credits will be automatically applied to your monthly bill when we receive a meter read from your TDU for your Excess Energy, which may take up to 3 full billing cycles for the first meter read if you have a new installation.

2Unused credits will be banked, up to a certain amount as described in your Electricity Facts Label, and automatically applied to future bills to offset any remaining Energy Charges. You may keep your banked credits if you are enrolled on an eligible TXU Energy solar buyback plan. Banked credits have no cash, credit, or other redemption value and are non-transferable.