Make Your Move Sweepstakes Winner Proves That It Pays to Listen to Your Mother

College student who signed up for electricity service with TXU Energy will put $5,000 prize to good use


When 22-year-old Brad Phillips moved into his first apartment without roommates, he sought advice from his mom on all sorts of things, including which retail electricity provider he should choose.

Luckily for Phillips, his mom is a happy TXU Energy customer. Following her advice, Phillips signed up for service with TXU Energy and was automatically entered into the Texas electricity company’s Make Your Move sweepstakes. Phillips’ name was randomly drawn from thousands of entrants for the grand prize of $5,000.

It could not have come at a better time. Phillips’ car recently broke down, and he plans to use part of his winnings to help replace it.

“Winning this money is a lifesaver,” Phillips said. “This came at the perfect time.”

Phillips, who has been studying behavioral analysis at the University of North Texas, is spending the current semester at Tarrant County College. He said living on his own without roommates has been a learning experience.

“I am trying to figure out how to do it and be responsible,” he said.

Phillips is an avid gamer and participates in tournaments around the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He does not, however, play games with his power usage. Phillips said he tries to be sure lights and devices are turned off when he is not using them.

Phillips expects to take advantage of the TXU Energy My Energy DashboardSM, the Brighten® Personal Energy Advisor and other money-savings solutions from the company. He describes himself as “electronically inclined” and said he would enjoy using the online tools to understand how he is consuming power and to control his spending.

Along with putting some of his winnings toward a new car, Phillips said he plans to share a bit of the prize with his mother.

“I owe her,” he said.


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