New Tool Helps TXU Energy Small Business Customers

“TXU Energy MyAccount Summary” Makes it Easy to Monitor and Manage Consumption


Small businesses in Texas that want to reduce expenses now have a new tool to help monitor and better manage their electricity usage and cost. The TXU Energy MyAccount Summary is a free, fast and convenient web-based service that helps TXU Energy business customers understand their electricity consumption patterns. Business customers can use this information to save money each month. 

“One of the ways we add value is by providing powerful tools that help our customers become more energy efficient and reduce expenses,” said Gabe Castro, vice president of business markets, TXU Energy. “The new TXU Energy MyAccount Summary helps businesses understand important details about their electricity usage and find ways to reduce their energy expenditures. “

By using the TXU Energy MyAccount Summary, business customers gain instant access to data and graphs that help them identify their consumption patterns and savings opportunities. Even businesses with multiple facilities and meters can have one place to conveniently monitor energy usage and costs for all of their operations.

With the tool, small business customers can:

  • Compare two electricity invoices and see how various factors affect their total electricity expenses. These factors include electricity usage, outdoor temperatures, and the number of days between meter readings.
  • See graphs that visually display electricity usage, peak demand (if applicable) and outdoor temperatures. This helps businesses understand when they use electricity and how weather impacts their usage.
  • Export their data into a spreadsheet for additional analysis.

Small business customers with smart meters have access to even more detailed information. These customers can view their graphs in annual, monthly, weekly and daily formats. They can see their electricity consumption and outdoor temperatures within one-hour increments. By pinpointing the specific times of increased usage, businesses can fine-tune their operations to become more energy efficient and cost-effective.

The company launched a residential version of the TXU Energy MyAccount tool earlier this year. “Now, we’re excited to put the same power into the hands of business owners,” Castro said. 

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