TXU Energy Announces Low-Income Advisory Committee


Today, TXU Energy announced the formation of its Low Income Advisory Committee (LIAC), fulfilling a commitment made as part of the creation of TXU Energy Access, a comprehensive set of programs designed to assist eligible low-income customers.

The LIAC is charged with helping TXU Energy identify challenges faced by low-income customers and advising the company as it develops effective solutions to help those customers overcome those challenges. Active and ongoing participation of the LIAC is an important part of TXU Energy's unparalleled commitment of $150 million over five years to provide relief for low-income residents.

"This is a step forward in finding solutions that can help those most in need of assistance as we fulfill another commitment that we made to the communities we serve," said Jim Burke, Chief Executive Officer, TXU Energy. "Our customers have a choice, and we want to make certain that we have the kind of plans and programs in place that lead them to choose TXU Energy regardless of their income."

Don Ballard, Texas Public Utility Counsel, applauded the formation of the committee, saying, "TXU Energy is stepping up to play an important role in Texas by searching for common sense solutions to help those who struggle to make ends meet or respond to a family crisis."

The group held its first meeting earlier this month, and is expected to meet three to four times a year. The committee members are:

Mary Lou Almendarez, Assistant Director, Tarrant County Human Services
Morris Baker, Ph.D., Executive Director, Community Action Program, Inc.
Jane Bavineau, Executive Director, Care for Elders; Vice President, Sheltering Arms Senior Services
Carol Biedrzycki, Executive Director, Texas ROSE
Randy Chapman, Executive Director, Texas Legal Services
Ronnie Lowe, Executive Director, Lancaster Outreach Center
Vicki Mize, Manager, 211 Texas, United Way Tarrant County
Stella Rodriguez, Executive Director, Texas Association of Community Action Agencies
Karen Swenson, Executive Director, Greater East Texas Community Action Program
Zach Thompson, Director, Dallas County Health and Human Services

Formation of the LIAC is part of a comprehensive commitment, known as TXU Energy Access, the company made last year to assist low-income families. The TXU Energy Access program also includes:

10 Percent Discount for Low-Income Customers
TXU Energy is the only company that voluntarily provides an approximate 10 percent discount for participating low-income customers. This discount is in addition to the one provided by the System Benefit Fund (SBF), the state directed program for low-income assistance on energy bills. As a result, eligible low-income customers can receive a total discount of approximately 30 percent this summer (May - September).

TXU Energy has committed $25 million per year for this program through the next five years. As of March 2007, almost 107,000 TXU Energy customers were enrolled in the company-funded Low Income Assistance discount program. The Low Income Advisory Committee will work with TXU Energy to expand the number of recipients qualified for the discount. The program is available to low-income TXU Energy customers in all the competitive areas across Texas, including the major markets of Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Corpus Christi, Abilene, San Angelo and South Texas.

$5 Million Annual Commitment to TXU Energy Aid Program
Working with more than 800 social service agencies statewide, TXU Energy currently administers and helps fund the TXU Energy Aid program, which helps to benefit low-income customers, senior citizens and certain customers classified as "in need" or in "emergency status." As part of TXU Energy Access, TXU Energy has committed $5 million per year for TXU Energy Aid through the next five years, in addition to any funds received from customers and employees for this important program.

Demand Side Management Investments
Additionally, TXU Energy has dedicated $100 million over the next five years to help customers reduce the amount of electricity they use through energy efficiency and conservation initiatives. A substantial portion of this commitment to conservation, weatherization and other energy-efficiency initiatives will be dedicated to helping lower the overall usage of low-income customers. This will ensure that low-income customers, as well as other TXU Energy customers, receive the benefits of the commitment the company has made to increase overall demand-side management investments.

About TXU Energy
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Sophia Stoller