TXU Energy & Sunrun Battery Rewards

Get $200 a year in rewards for using & sharing your Sunrun battery.

Now you can get paid for your stored energy and reward yourself for the investment you’ve made with a Sunrun battery system. With TXU Energy & Sunrun Battery Rewards, you’ll get $200 in prepaid digital rewards cards a year for supporting the grid and sending energy when there’s high demand. Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll send you digital rewards cards every 6 months for a total of $200 a year.1
  • Your battery will seamlessly send energy to your home and (when available) to the grid when there’s high electricity demand during dispatch events.2,3
  • Regardless of the make and model of your battery, you’ll keep at least 20% of your battery’s capacity for backup purposes during an outage.4,5

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What TXU Energy plan do I need to be on? 
    You can participate in TXU Energy & Sunrun Battery Rewards with any plan if you have an activated Sunrun solar and battery system. We recommend you combine your Battery Rewards with a solar buyback plan for even more solar benefits.
  • When do I receive the first incentive payment?
    If you’re a current customer, you’ll receive your first rewards card up to 4 weeks after enrolling in TXU Energy & Sunrun Battery Rewards. For new customers, expect your card up to 4 weeks after paying your second electricity bill in full. We’ve partnered with Energy Earth Incentives (EE Incentives) to email your rewards so you get them as soon as possible – be on the lookout for an email from txu@eeincentives.com.
  • How do I sign up?
    Sunrun will email you with instructions on how to sign up. You can email grid@sunrun.com if you have any questions.
  • What if I want to opt out?
    Please email us at BatteryRewards@txu.com with your full name, service address and customer ID number (you can find this on your electricity bill). By canceling, you will not receive the program rewards.
  • How does participating in this program help Texas?
    Programs like this help make the statewide grid more efficient. The combined energy from connected devices like batteries and thermostats helps balance the energy supply and demand on the grid, so there’s more to go around.

1 To qualify for the recurring $100 reward, your Sunrun solar and battery system must be enrolled in the TXU Energy & Sunrun Battery Rewards program and your account must be active with TXU Energy at the time of fulfillment. The reward is fulfilled with a prepaid digital card, subject to terms and conditions of card issuer. TXU Energy reserves the right in its sole discretion to substitute a check of equal value for the prepaid card, and to otherwise modify or cancel the program at any time. This card is issued by EE Incentives. This card may be used everywhere a debit card is accepted. Registration, activation, acceptance, or use of this card constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions stated in the prepaid card agreement administered by EE Incentives.


2 TXU Energy makes no warranties. TXU Energy is not affiliated with your battery manufacturer or its products and services. Please check with your battery manufacturer for warranty information related to its products and services. To participate, you agree to the TXU Energy & Sunrun Battery Rewards program terms and conditions.  If you decide later you do not want to participate in the program, you can unenroll at any time by emailing BatteryRewards@txu.com. If you have any questions about your Sunrun solar and battery system, you should contact Sunrun at grid@sunrun.com.


3 “Dispatch Events” are times when demand is high and your solar and battery system is called to participate in alleviating that demand by sending stored energy to your home and to the grid (when available).


4 For LG Chem and SolarEdge battery owners, your battery system will be programmed to reserve 20% of its overall capacity to power your home and retain functionality in case of an outage. Additionally, your battery will not send any power to the grid during an outage.


5 For Tesla Powerwall battery owners, your battery system will start with a default backup reserve of 20% at the beginning of the program, but this can be adjusted any time in the Tesla App (except during dispatch events). The ability to adjust these settings is only available for Tesla Powerwall customers within the Tesla App. Sunrun retains the right to periodically reset the minimum state of reserve.