TXU Energy Fall Tips

Small changes that’ll help you save year-round.

Spring is here, and with mild temperatures, your usage could drop during these months. Keep the savings going with these helpful tips and tools.


Mobile phone

Your anytime helper

Our app makes it easy to stay in the know and save with usage data, budget alerts, bill estimates and more. Download it today to get started. 

TXU Energy App for iPhone
TXU Energy App for Android



Air filter

A breath of fresh air

Regularly cleaning or replacing your air filters can save you up to 15% on annual energy costs (especially if you have pets!).


Summer Prep

Hotter temperatures are around the corner. Consider getting your A/C tuned up to ensure it's running at its best, and check your windows and doors for any leaks to make sure you're keeping cool air in. 


Outdoor chef

Grilling outside will help keep your kitchen cool. Your slow cooker and Instant Pot are also great alternatives to the stove or oven – cooking low and slow helps save energy.



More Tips
  • Try a programmable or smart thermostat to save every season. Set it to automatically adjust when you’re asleep or away so that it runs less often.
  • Prepare for summer by having a professional check your A/C equipment to ensure it’s running at its best.
  • Replace incandescent bulbs with LEDs—they radiate 75% less heat and last up to five times as long.