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Whether you’re new to Texas and need to get your electricity up and running, or you’re just comparing TXU Energy to StarTex Power and other providers, it’s important to choose the best value for your money. But do you know all the factors can play a role in how much you’re paying for electricity?

Before choosing, make sure you know the facts about:

  • Introductory or Variable Rate Plans. Does the rate they’re offering seem too good to be true? Take a look to see if it’s a “variable” rate plan. For example, StarTex Power’s Variable Month-to-Month Plan.* So, the price you sign up for is only good for one month, then it will typically change to a higher rate. After that, your price can continue to change at any time without advance notice to you.

  • Guaranteed Price Protection. Does the provider you’re considering offer you guaranteed electricity rates? TXU Energy has plans that let you lock in a guaranteed rate to avoid the normal market fluctuations in energy prices, and only changes in law or regulatory charges can affect your price. That could save you real money on your electricity bill while offering you peace of mind.

Once you've made the comparison, we're sure you'll discover why more Texans have chosen TXU Energy than any other electricity provider. See our electricity plans and rates.

*Based on plan offered on provider's website and/or as of May 2015.