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Baytown, Texas is a city where oil and water really do mix. With all of the beauty of a seaside town and all of the business of downhome Texas, this is a great city to settle down and stay awhile. But when you put down roots, there's also the important decision of who to choose as your Baytown electricity provider.

At TXU Energy, we help thousands of movers set up new electricity service, or change service at their current address every month — and we know about the to-do list that comes along with it. With so many choices, it's common to feel overwhelmed with more facts and numbers than you want to deal with.

To help, we put together some information to help make choosing a Baytown electricity provider just a bit easier.

Your Electricity Plan Options
All Baytown electricity plans fall into one of three categories:

    • Fixed rate term plans
    • Indexed rate month-to-month and term plans
    • Variable rate month-to-month plans

When choosing an electricity plan, watch out for the one with the price that seems too good to be true — it probably is. Many providers offer a low “introductory” or “promotional” rate for the first month. These are typically variable rate plans where the price can rise without advance notice.

By contrast, we don't offer variable rate plans. With many of our plans, Baytown electricity customers can get guaranteed price protection on electricity rates and always get straightforward pricing with no gimmicks.

Choose the Baytown Electricity Provider Who Fits Your Needs.
We've worked hard to get where we are, and we never stop helping to make things a little easier for our customers. For example, want to monitor and edit your account on the go? Now you can use all of the MyAccount features of our mobile site ( on your iPhone® or iPad® with the new TXU Energy app.

Pay your electricity bill, update your profile, see your usage graph and take advantage of all of the tools you love — whether you’re at work, at home or on the go. Nothing feels better than checking things off of your to-do list the minute you think of them, and now you can.

TXU Energy also offers you the convenience of our BrightenSM iThermostat for your home or business. With this Web-enabled device, you can monitor and manage the temperature of your home from anywhere you are via the Internet. You can save money and eliminate worry with just one device.

So when you do find yourself in the market for a new Baytown electricity provider, consider this: we are the #1 choice for electricity in Texas for a reason – actually many reasons. Find out more about TXU Energy, and discover why millions of Texans trust TXU Energy for the electricity that powers their homes and businesses.

Moving To or Within Baytown?
If you’re shopping for Baytown electricity providers because you're going to be moving there, chances are you’re also looking for a new telecommunications company. Here are a couple of the providers that may serve your home in Baytown, Texas:

    • Sage Telecom
    • Verizon Wireless

Of course, that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to telecom providers. Much like Baytown electricity providers, they each have their own benefits and offers. Make sure you compile your research wisely to ensure you end up with the providers that match your needs the best. Need more information about other Baytown utilities? Visit the City of Baytown's utility office online.

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