Texas Guide to Summer

In Texas, summer’s never cancelled.

If you can count on one thing, it’s a long, hot Texas summer. Let our guide help you save this season with a few proven tips and personalized tools for your lifestyle and usage.



Savings Tips

Vacations may be postponed, but the heat has arrived, right on time. Time to bump your thermostat – raising it 4° could help you save up to 20%. Find more at-home tips here.

Tools and More

Enjoying summer inside? Be sure to fill out your home profile in MyEnergy Dashboard to get a detailed view of your home’s usage, which will also give you ideas on where you can save. Budget alerts are another option that can tip you off when your usage is creeping up.

MyEnergy Dashboard

Washing machine

Appliance Guide

Your appliances aren’t created equal. Check out our guide on which appliances use the most so you’ll know where you can save the most. Your parents were right about leaving the fridge open, after all.

By Your Side

This season can bring every kind of high and low, and we know this one’s also a little different. You can count on us no matter what. We’re here to help with payment assistance and flexibility when and if you need it. Find more information here.

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