TXU Energy Announces Instant Rebate for Residential Solar Rooftop Systems, Unveils Plan to Credit Customers More for Their Excess Solar Electricity

Limited-time instant rebate is first from a Texas electricity retailer; may be added to federal incentives


TXU Energy today announced a limited-time instant rebate for residential consumers who purchase SunPower® rooftop solar systems through the company. At the same time, TXU Energy unveiled a new plan that increases the credit customers get for the electricity that their solar systems generate but they don’t use.

TXU Energy’s instant rebate and its new offer for excess solar generation will help maintain momentum in the state’s growing solar market and will provide clear and easy benefits for customers who select TXU Solar from SunPower.

TXU Energy and just a few other Texas retail electricity providers pay customers for their excess solar electricity. Under the new TXU Energy Renewable Buyback plan, TXU Energy will buy this excess electricity from residential consumers who have purchased solar systems through TXU Solar from SunPower at the same per-kilowatt-hour rate that the customer pays for the grid-based electricity they use when that is needed. The company will deliver the credits to TXU Energy customers’ bills each month they generate excess electricity.

TXU Energy customers who have solar panels from other manufacturers, as well as customers with qualified residential wind generation systems, will continue to have access to a competitive offer for their excess electricity.

“We were among the first retailers to pay our residential customers for their excess solar and wind generation in 2009,” said Sam Sen, vice president of TXU Solutions, the solar and value-added services arm of TXU Energy. “Based on our years of experience and feedback from customers, we have simplified and increased our offer.”

The new excess electricity purchase plan for customers of TXU Solar from SunPower comes as consumers get access to the first solar system rebate offer from a Texas retail electricity provider.

The TXU Energy instant rebate provides between $2,000 and $5,000 off the purchase price of a new TXU Solar from SunPower rooftop system. Customers purchasing a solar power system may also be eligible for federal tax credits. The price of a SunPower system varies based on system size and other factors.

“Our combined excess electricity purchase plan and instant rebate is a unique offer that provides tremendous value while still delivering the peace of mind of grid-power at competitive rates when that is needed,” Sen said. 

Through their partnership, TXU Energy and SunPower make considering and going solar easy with a free quote, remote roof assessment and energy usage analysis.

The exclusive instant rebate offer is available for consumers who purchase a rooftop system before the end of the year.

Instant rebate amount varies based on solar panel system wattage size and is applied as a per-watt discount at time of purchase for residential systems installed through TXU Solar from SunPower program. Additional terms and conditions apply. For more information visit www.txu.com/solar.


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