TXU Energy, Papa John’s Celebrate Earth Day by Distributing 12,000 Tree Seedlings Around Houston

Tree recipients urged to share photos with #trees4pizza hashtag


TXU Energy and Papa John’s partnered to deliver 12,000 Loblolly Pine seedlings to customers ordering pizza from Houston-area Papa John’s in celebration of Earth Day this week.

“I’ve worked with TXU Energy for many years, and I knew this was going to be a great way to celebrate our partnership and recognize Earth Day,” said Keith Sullins, president of Houston Pizza Ventures, the Houston area’s largest Papa John’s franchisee. “The response was tremendous, and I’m excited to see these trees make Houston an even better place to live and work.”

TXU Energy has an extensive program to make trees available and plant them in the communities the company serves. TXU Energy recently celebrated this program by planting its 200,000th tree on the grounds of the Texas Capitol in Austin.

“Trees give us a real way to plant roots in the communities we serve,” said Kelli Rod, vice president of external affairs for TXU Energy. “We appreciate the hard work of Papa John’s delivery drivers, and we’re excited to see these trees grow for years to come.”

The companies worked with TXU Energy’s longtime partner, the Texas Trees Foundation, as well as Trees for Houston, to make this promotion happen. 

Papa John’s and TXU Energy are encouraging Houstonians who took advantage of the promotion to share photos of their new trees through social media with a #trees4pizza hashtag.

As part of the promotion, Papa John’s and TXU Energy planted and distributed trees on Monday at Ripley House, an arm of Neighborhood Centers Inc. NCI recently celebrated the 75th anniversary of the community center in central Houston. More than 50 seniors also received tree seedlings and a free pizza lunch.

“Those trees – along with the 12,000 we gave to people across Houston – will deliver wide-ranging benefits,” Rod said.

She said in addition to the beauty of the trees, they will:

  • Help clean the air.
  • Prevent costly soil erosion.
  • Provide shade to cool homes, businesses and neighborhoods.
  • Provide wildlife habitat.

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