TXU Energy Challenges Consumers to Find “Watt’s the Difference” During Energy Awareness Month

Company’s quiz gives consumers fun way to understand efficiency and consumption


October is Energy Awareness Month, and to celebrate it TXU Energy designed an interactive quiz that helps families understand how their daily activities can affect their electricity consumption and what they can do to control it.

“Watt’s the Difference?” takes an everyday scene from the life of an average Texas family and shows how daily decisions and habits can make or break energy consumption and affect monthly electricity bills. TXU Energy challenges families to spot the differences between two versions of that scene to find ways to save energy.

Texans can celebrate Energy Awareness Month by following a few simple tips that help conserve energy and lower bills:

  • Consider using fans or raising windows (when the A/C is off) for natural air flow and cooling when the weather is pleasant and permits.
  • Minimize the number of times refrigerators and freezers open and close.
  • Run dishwashers and clothes washers and dryers only when fully loaded to save water and electricity.
  • Use cold water on laundry and air-dry settings on dishwashers to save energy.
  • Turn lights and appliances off (and unplug if possible) when they aren’t in use.

Find the differences below and tag TXU Energy on Twitter or Facebook. (Hint: One or more of the tips listed above may be clues.)

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