TXU Energy Tells Customers: Our Efforts are ‘Inspired by You’


Whether it’s adding hours to the TXU Energy Free Nights plan or delivering superior customer service experiences, TXU Energy wants consumers to know that they inspire everything the company does.

“The people, businesses and communities we serve have always inspired us,” said Michael Grasso, chief marketing officer for TXU Energy. “We’ve introduced Inspired by you not just as a new tagline. It’s an acknowledgement that we are focused on making our customers’ energy lives better and a continuation of our commitment to always work on behalf of our customers.”

A new interactive voice recognition system, which builds on our 24/7 customer service commitment, is a strong example of how customers have inspired innovation at TXU Energy.

“Customers told us that they wanted easier access to key self-service tools and fewer steps to speak with consultants in our contact centers,” Grasso said. “We have delivered that with a voice-recognition system so good that it has been mistaken for a person rather than interactive software. Customers absolutely inspired us to invest in that world-class technology, which is providing the experience our customers expect.”

TXU Energy Free Nights also illustrates how customers inspire the company.

“Tens of thousands of consumers are enjoying the benefits of free electricity at night and we have heard through social media, our contact centers and our Ratings and Reviews system that they really want more free hours,” Grasso said. “We’ve taken that desire to heart and have developed a way to meet that expectation.”

Customers also have inspired TXU Energy to go beyond retail electricity services to provide home warranty options that protect the appliances, electronics and mechanical systems that TXU Energy powers every day; assistance connecting with the best providers in home security, Internet and other home services; and innovative tools and resources to manage their electricity consumption and spending.

“Customers depend on us to be the power that drives their ideas, fuels their endeavors and simply brings light and energy to everything they do,” Grasso said. “From our wide range of electricity service plans to our value-added products and services and our industry-leading contact center operations, everything we do is inspired by our customers.”


About TXU Energy
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