TXU Energy Investments in Lean Training, Projects Pay Off for Customers

TXU Energy enters new year with continued commitment to deliver outstanding customer experiences


TXU Energy delivered outstanding customer experiences, drove up customer satisfaction and slashed customer complaints in 2013, in part because it continues to invest in the lean methodology of business process improvement.

“Lean methodologies are most commonly associated with supply chain and manufacturing operations,” said Scott Hudson, chief operating officer for TXU Energy. “Since 2011, TXU Energy has invested in training employees in lean concepts and in completing lean projects that have streamlined dozens of processes, improved communications and allowed us to deliver even better service to our customers.”

The goal of lean concepts is to create more value for customers while reducing waste.

In 2013, TXU Energy completed nearly 200 lean projects. Since the launch of the program, lean projects have allowed the company to:

  • Cut the credit approval processing time for large privately held businesses by 90 percent.
  • Deliver clearer billing and reduce new customers’ billing inquiries by 10 percent.
  • Reduce the time it takes customers to set up new payment information online by more than 75 percent.

“While the process of applying lean concepts happens internally, the goal is to create external results that provide constant improvement for our customers,” Hudson said. “Based on our outstanding achievements in 2013, we know that our lean efforts are working for our customers, and we are committed to continuing our lean improvement focus in 2014 and beyond.”

In the new year, TXU Energy will begin customer journey mapping – another lean process that examines each of the points of contact a customer has with TXU Energy, from awareness, to shopping plans, to onboarding, to service interactions, to the adoption of additional products and services.

“Our focus on customer service has put us in a position that allows us to really examine every point at which our customers interact with us and to continue to improve each of those experiences,” Hudson said. “It’s a big challenge that we are excited to undertake for our customers.”


About TXU Energy
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