When Customers Talk, TXU Energy Listens

Company tunes in and improves customer experience through listening program


Customer service hotlines typically greet callers with some version of a recorded message: “Your call will be monitored for quality purposes.” When TXU Energy customers hear that line, they can count on the fact that the company actually means it.

As a part of its pledge to exceed customer expectations, TXU Energy requires its senior management – and encourages all its employees – to participate in its Customer Listening Program. This two-pronged initiative involves listening to customer calls and “shadowing” customer care representatives at the company’s contact centers.

So the next time someone calls TXU Energy with a question about their electricity bill or service plan, a member of the company’s senior leadership team may very well be listening to their feedback on the other end of the line.

The company began its Customer Listening Program in 2011 to provide a forum for leaders throughout the organization to more directly experience its customer service from both the customer’s as well as the customer care agent’s perspective. The program’s primary goal is to understand how the company’s policies and business rules affect the customer experience. 

“We don’t just tell customers that we’re interested in helping them,” said Jeff Camp, vice president of contact center operations at TXU Energy. “We solicit responses constantly through every channel and create opportunities for feedback through avenues like the Customer Listening Program so we can routinely evaluate our effectiveness and exceed customer expectations.”

“Customers are telling us what they want,” Camp said. “Listening to them guides our business decisions when we create products and services. And it keeps us close to the needs of our customers and agents. We look at every experience and ask what the effect will be on customers and how we can make it easier for them to do business with us.”

Customer feedback from the program has driven:

  • A friendlier IVR system that gives customers faster, more effective answers.
  • Improved, easier billing and payment processes.
  • Innovative products and services tailored to customers’ energy needs and preferences.

In 2013, the Customer Listening Program involved hundreds of participants, ranging from CEO Jim Burke to analyst-level employees, and thousands of hours of side-by-side shadowing and call monitoring.

“We’re continuing to build on a customer-centered culture where every TXU Energy employee feels a sense of responsibility and ownership for the customer experience,” Camp said. “It is a critical part of successfully providing superior service as a preferred provider. This program not only reinforces this core principle but also communicates to our employees that we value what they do on the front lines every day.”

The Customer Listening Program is one of multiple channels TXU Energy uses to solicit customer feedback. The company also uses customer satisfaction surveys, customer focus groups, ratings and reviews, and other platforms to improve the customer experience.

About TXU Energy
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