TXU Energy Provides Anti-Fraud Resources to Raise Awareness, Educate Consumers about Industry-Wide Utility Scams


Utility scams and identity theft can strike at any time and criminals increasingly have targeted consumers in Texas’ retail electric market. In response, TXU Energy has enhanced its anti-fraud program to include new web resources to help Texas consumers identify and report fraudulent activity.

TXU Energy’s Fraud Management Team, formed nearly a decade ago, has actively worked with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as other partners, to detect, deter and prosecute perpetrators of fraud.  The company hopes its expanded web resources will help limit the financial and emotional impact these crimes have on consumers.

“Being a victim of fraud is infuriating,” said John Duessel, vice president of customer operations at TXU Energy. “The perpetrators of utility scams are criminals who are abusing the trust and familiarity consumers have with well-known companies like TXU Energy and, in the process, doing real harm to consumers.

“We have been protecting TXU Energy customers from this type of crime for many years,” Duessel said. “But these criminals are smart, highly motivated and persistent, so we must do everything we can to stay one step ahead of them.”

By working closely with law enforcement and consumers, TXU Energy has helped limit the financial and emotional damage of a number of these scams in recent years. Three of the most common types of fraud being perpetrated against retail electricity consumers include:

  • Scammers contacting customers and threatening to disconnect their service unless they make an immediate payment through particular means, often cash or pre-paid debit cards.

  • Identity thieves setting up service at a different address or sometimes multiple addresses using a victim’s personal information.

  • Scammers offering to sign up unsuspecting consumers on suspiciously inexpensive rates as a way to steal and use their identity.

“The benefits of our expanded anti-fraud resources are not limited to TXU Energy customers,” Duessel said. “We are providing all consumers with valuable information so they know what to look for and how to respond to fraud or identity theft involving their retail electric service.”

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