TXU Energy Diagnoses Seasonal Thermostat Switching Syndrome

Seasonal temperature swings force millions of Texas electricity customers to flip-flop between heating and cooling systems; company champions advanced thermostats as the remedy


It happens every year. As the season shifts from summer to fall, electricity consumers are often at a loss about what to do with the thermostat. Mornings and evenings are cool enough for heating while afternoons are warm enough for air conditioning. Some people compulsively switch back and forth between the two without finding comfort for long. Others give up, surrender to the elements and feel too cold or hot as a consequence. These are all symptoms of Seasonal Thermostat Switching Syndrome, or STS Syndrome. Fortunately, TXU Energy has the cure.

The Brighten®, an energy savings solution from TXU Energy, neutralizes STS Syndrome. This treatment tool allows users to set an indoor temperature range and have the system automatically switch between heating and cooling. Whether they’re home or away, consumers can alleviate their STS symptoms via the tool’s online portal or free smartphone apps foriPhone® and Android™. No more compulsive trekking from the couch, kitchen or bedroom to make the switch.
STS Syndrome typically affects consumers around this time of year, when morning and evening temperatures outdoors dip into the 50s and afternoons warm to the 70s and 80s. And, according to
TXU Energy, consumers can experience the condition in different ways: Those who endure angst and stress over prolonged indecision and frequent switching suffer from “thermania". Others, who avoid or give up on switching from A/C to heat and back again, have “thermapathy". And, those who find a healthy balance are considered “thermneutral".

To help consumers find out how STS Syndrome may be affecting them at home, TXU Energy offers a free online assessment.

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