Back-to-School Season Gives Texans Electricity Savings Opportunities

Texas electricity company encourages parents to educate, involve their children in power-saving habits around their homes


Here’s a back-to-school quiz:

  1. Does it have to be blazing hot outside before homeowners can save money by controlling their electricity consumption?
  2. Are there steps family members can take together to save electricity during the school year?
  3. Who can contribute to preventing wasteful power consumption?

    (Answers below)

While parents have plenty to think about as school resumes, there are easy steps they can take to reduce electricity consumption and save money when school is in session. The good news is that parents can make conservation a family activity that teaches their children important lessons in fun ways.

Reset the thermostat – Using programmable thermostats, such as the touch-screen, Internet-enabled Brighten® iThermostat, an energy saving solution from TXU Energy, allows homeowners to reduce wasteful power consumption during the day – while no one is home. It also can ensure a comfortable temperature when the kids return home.

Involving children – Introduce children to the thermostat, show them the simple programming features and point out the air returns. Helping kids understand the impact of leaving doors open and other heat-adding activities will make them smarter power users.

Find the energy thieves – Some appliances are constantly using power. Turning off lights and ceiling fans in unoccupied rooms, unplugging device chargers, TVs and gaming stations, and ensuring that refrigerators are set between 36 and 38 degrees can add up to savings.

Involving children – Families can create a morning routine in which their children play Detective Energy. They also can study the easy-to-read TXU Energy My Energy DashboardSM, which shows how much power is being saved hour-by-hour compared to previous days.

Make an after-school power plan – TV, gaming devices and computers all are part of children’s after-school hours. Making a plan for how those devices will be used – and scheduling time outside – will help families know when they’re using power and give them control. Setting snack menus also will help prevent children from standing aimlessly with the refrigerator door open.
Involving children – Parents can allow their children to recommend daily after-school activities and snacks, encouraging plans that consider power consumption. Children also can be steered toward battery-powered devices, which can be recharged overnight when energy charges can be free.

Reducing power consumption can be a fun family activity that adds up to savings and good habits for everyone. There are children’s activities, puzzles and quizzes, as well videos and more conservation tips, at


The quiz answer key:

  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. Everyone


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