TXU Energy Gets Social with Summer Electricity Savings and Tech Tools

Company launches new Facebook hub that shares tech tips, videos and tools to help customers conserve electricity and cut summer electricity bills


Saving electricity can be easy and can save you money this summer. That’s what TXU Energy is reminding Texas electricity customers with the Facebook hub it launched today. The new hub provides consumers with tips, tools and videos that show them simple ways to conserve electricity and curb their electricity bills during the hot summer months. Consumers can reach the page via the company’s Facebook page or txu.com/savenow.  

Electricity consumption is higher in the summer because AC units run more as Texans struggle to keep their homes cool during the hot days and nights. And because nearly half of the energy used in homes goes to cooling and heating, the summer heat has a significant impact on household budgets.

TXU Energy launched the savings hub via Facebook not only to promote energy-saving habits but to encourage feedback from fans who have electricity savings ideas of their own or who use company’s tips and tech tools such as these to help save energy:

  • TXU Energy customers using the company’s Brighten® iThermostat can program their thermostats to automatically change to higher temperatures while they’re away from home or to increase a few degrees while they’re sleeping. If they’re called away unexpectedly or forget to adjust the temperature before leaving for a trip, they can change thermostat settings via the company’s free iPhone® app or a Web-enabled PC or iPad®.

  • Customers with smart meters can use the TXU Energy MyEnergy DashboardSM to see a forecast of their home’s electricity use before they receive their monthly bill via a Web-enabled PC or the company’s iPhone app. Thanks to smart meters, they can also use the tool online to see their overall electricity consumption — down to the hour — to help them spot times when they can reduce their usage. Because these details are available anytime, they can help customers conserve and cut costs.

  • TXU Energy customers with smart meters can also opt in for two free tools delivered by email to help them control consumption and costs: weekly reports that show their usage and costs and budget alerts that warn if their usage patterns could lead to higher bills than they prefer.

  • Customers who want to enhance the energy efficiency of their homes can use the free 
    Brighten® Personal Energy Advisor for personalized tips, how-to videos, project lists and other online tools to help them avoid wasting energy. They can select the skill level and price range that fit their needs and choose from a variety of activities that can affect how much electricity they use month-to-month, including tasks like sealing air leaks around windows and doors, reducing solar glare on windows and much more.

  • Consumers looking for specialty items that support energy efficiency at home can visit the Brighten® Online Energy Store for everything from light bulbs and thermometers to smart power strips, water-saving products and more.

Through September, TXU Energy will continue to add content, tips, video and promotions that support summer savings to the new Facebook hub. The new online asset is a timely resource since without conservation and a focus on energy efficiency, cutting electricity costs this summer may prove challenging. According to the National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center, Texas will be warmer and drier than the 15-year historical average.

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