Smart Meters: Knowledge is Power

TXU Energy Offers Energy Efficient Devices That Could Save Customers a Bundle


As more than 1 million homes and businesses in North Texas are outfitted with “smart meters”, TXU Energy, the leading Texas energy provider, is offering its customers money-saving devices that complement this innovative new technology.

These innovative devices provide the insight and control consumers need to manage energy consumption and save money.

A smart meter is a state-of-the art utility meter that monitors energy usage in homes or businesses. It utilizes near-real-time sensors and offers almost instant power outage notification as well as power quality monitoring. By providing energy usage information in a more accessible format, the smart meter gives you cost-saving advantages that haven’t previously been possible.

“What you don’t know can hurt you. By pairing smart meters with in-home display devices that show individuals instantly how much energy they’re using, people will more than likely consume less as a result,” said Michael Grasso, chief marketing officer at TXU Energy. “Additionally, by offering other innovative plans like TXU Energy Time of Use and online tools that can help you understand your energy usage, TXU Energy is making it even easier to save energy, money and the environment.”

TXU Energy Time of Use leverages the newly deployed smart meters. TXU Energy Time of Use is a plan that puts the control of your energy bill literally at your fingertips. By consciously waiting until the evening to do laundry, run the dishwasher or use any other major appliances, you can save big with discounted rates on your energy bills and help alleviate strain on the electricity grid.

TXU Energy is also working to make its other products compatible with smart meters, including:

  • BrightenSM iThermostat. A TXU Energy savings solution, this fully Web-enabled programmable thermostat lets you manage your home’s temperature from any Internet-connected computer. It connects wirelessly to a broadband router or modem. With unlimited access to the Texas energy provider’s secure online portal from any Internet connection, it empowers you by letting you adjust your thermostat and monitor how much power you’re using from just about anywhere. It all adds up to supreme comfort and lower energy bills.
  • BrightenSM Power Monitor. This in-home energy monitoring device helps you understand how and when you consume energy and what that consumption costs by displaying usage in near-real time. You can also monitor energy usage over time (daily, monthly or at the end of a billing month), set alarms when certain cost or energy consumption thresholds are reached, view historical usage data and more.

To learn more about TXU Energy’s innovative money- and energy-saving products, view residential plans in Texas or to make TXU Energy the energy supplier for your business, visit

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